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Do l need a referral to see an Eye Specialist?

Yes, all appointments will need to have a current in date referral with your eye history, from either your optometrist or your GP.

How long will my consultation be?

Please allow up to 3 hours as there are many tests to be performed.

Can l park at the clinic?

Yes, we do have parking at the rear of our practice in Kotara.

How much is my first consultation?

Initial consults start at a fee of $210 to see the surgeon. You may be required to have additional testing and will be quoted on the day by our clinical staff member.

How long will my surgery take?

Depending on the procedure, eye surgeries can take 15 minutes up to 90 minutes.

Do l need to go to hospital?

Several procedures can be performed on-site at Kotara but for the most part, you will be required to go to a day hospital.

Do l fast prior to surgery?

For in-room operations, we suggest you come on a full stomach as you will be here for up to 2hrs and oral sedation cannot be given on an empty stomach. For in-hospital procedures, you will be required to fast.

Can l use my drops or other medication on the day of surgery?

Please check that your drops are fine to use. Most medication is fine but please speak with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Can both eyes be done on the same day?

Many eye issues do not occur in both eyes. If you require bilateral cataract surgery then this can be discussed with your surgeon. We suggest treating your eyes at least one week apart.

Will l be awake for the procedure?

Yes, you will be awake.

Is oral sedation given on the day of surgery?

If you are having an in-room operation then we can give you oral sedation at the surgeon’s discretion. For in-hospital procedures, the anaesthetist can give a light sedation.

How long before l can drive?

We suggest no driving for one week after most procedures. For a lesion or minor procedure, you may return to driving as soon as your vision is clear.

How long do l need off work?

We suggest having 1 week off work for all procedures where possible.

How long before l can go to the gym?

We suggest 1 week off from the gym. For more invasive procedures you should ask your surgeon.

How long before I can go for a swim?

A minimum of 2 weeks before swimming is allowed. Please do not swim in the pool or ocean if your eye wound has not healed.

Can I fly or travel overseas after surgery?

It is advised that you remain close to your surgeon for up to 2 weeks. When flying please remember to use your eye drops.

Can l be bulked billed for the procedure?

No, as this is a private facility all procedures are charged either to the patient or the health fund. In most cases, there are rebates from Medicare. Please ask for a rough estimate of fees when booking your consultation.

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