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What you need to know

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve. It’s usually caused by increased fluid pressure inside the eye. We don’t always know why this happens, but certain factors can put you at higher risk, such as being over the age of 60, a family history of the disease, ethnicity, or having other medical conditions, such as diabetes.

Glaucoma doesn’t usually have symptoms at the beginning. It affects the peripheral (side) vision first, so many patients don’t realise they have glaucoma until it’s picked up during a routine eye examination. If these tests suggest you have glaucoma you should be seen by an ophthalmologist.

Blindness from glaucoma cannot be reversed, but if treated early enough you can stop your vision from getting worse.

Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment

Whether you are in the early stages of glaucoma, or more advanced, EyeSpecialists offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment in one convenient location.

In addition to checking eye pressure, we perform visual field tests to check for areas of missing vision. We can also do optic nerve imaging studies using optical coherence tomography (OCT) to measure the optic nerve and corneal thickness. Using this latest technology we can monitor the progression of your glaucoma more closely and do assessments that older machines can’t.

Glaucoma can lead to permanent blindness if left untreated. Glaucoma treatment helps lower the pressure in your eye and preserve your vision. We can do this with eye drops, or if needed, a laser. This procedure is called a Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty and can be done on site the same day as your diagnosis, saving you an additional visit to the clinic. In rare cases glaucoma requires surgery in which stents are placed in the eye, a procedure which is completed in hospital.

Often patients with glaucoma suffer from other eye conditions, such as cataracts or macular degeneration. If this is your situation, we have subspecialists on hand that can help you with these conditions as well, allowing you to receive treatment for all your eye care needs in one place.

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